Unique Wearable Art

Only the best British and internationally-sourced wools find their way into our works. From Hebridean to Merino, these undyed fibres from farmers with the highest animal welfare standards provide texture, warmth and strength to our pieces.

Shown: Teeswater Locks

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The backbone of our nuno-felted wearables, we choose the finest chiffon, habotai, and other silks for their texture, lustre and natural beauty. The choice of silk is essential, not only for the felting process, but to work perfectly with the cyanotype printing.

Shown: Silk Chiffon

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Using a 175 year old photographic technique, our works become, in essence, unique cameraless photographs on silk and wool. From the deepest sea to the palest sky, we use this process to reflect them all.

Shown: Cyanotype on silk and wool scarf

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Our wearable pieces include a range of nuno-felted, cyanotype printed scarves. From long wraparounds to headscarves and kerchiefs, each is, due to the nature of the process, completely unique.

Shown: Earth Sky Home (excerpt)

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Unique works on a larger scale include hangings for wall or window, and usable heirloom pieces designed to live with you and your family for a lifetime. Never repeated, always beautiful.

Shown: Trailing Clouds of Glory (excerpt)

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shore sky sea sun

Our studios are divided – and united – by the Humber Estuary, and by the bridge across which we come together. This place has a special character; elemental, rhythmic, and full of space in which to dream and drift.

Our works respond directly to this place, its humble grandeur, its ever-changing sameness. We work to reflect what we are shown, the simple elements of shore, sky, sea and sunlight.

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Morpeth & Kirby

Master Feltmaker

Vivienne Morpeth is an internationally renowned feltmaker and designer of felted wearables. She has taught and exhibited widely for over 20 years.

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Cyanotype Artist

Alun Kirby has been exploring the cyanotype for 15 years. His cameraless photographs have extended the boundaries of what is possible with this process.

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Morpeth & Kirby

Together, Vivienne and Alun make new forms – creating colours and textures which would not be possible alone. Crossing the divide, bringing new inspirations.

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Wool Silk Sunlight

Working together, we create designs which reflect the visual stories the estuary shares with us. The tide shaping the shore, the sunlight giving texture to water, the earth yielding shelter for our work. We, in our turn, share these stories anew.

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Our wearable pieces are produced in numbered Editions of 25. This allows us to fully explore the possibilities within each design template, before focusing on new inspirations.

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We love working with our hands to create each piece. Our approach means that even within a specific Edition, each individual piece stands alone as a unique interpretation.


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