One story - 25 interpretations

Each object we make has its own story, a collection of the specific inspirations behind the design.

From these details, using the initial  components of the design, we make 25 unique interpretations.

This approach allows us to fully explore an idea with a range of materials, design choices, and artistic liberties. 

Each interpretation is individually numbered, and once it's gone.... then it's time to tell the next story!

See below for how this works in practise, with 3 interpretations of our design 'Sky, Fields, Tiles'.

Sky, fields, tiles

One of our first designs, and a great example of how we take inspiration from where we work. 

The estuary blurs the boundaries of sky, water and land, and we wanted to capture that. We had our basic shapes - the irregular patches reflecting the open fields, which are such a strong abstract motif. But the design lacked something.

Then we found these tiles. Beautiful blue-purple slates, weatherworn,  their nail holes giving strong character.

Raised from the earth to protect those living in this exposed, windswept place from air and water, we had our link.

This design brings together the human - tiles, fields - with the natural - sky, sea, clouds - to truly reflect this special place.

humberside tiles Image

Interpretation #1


Silk chiffon and superfine merino wool form the structure.

Felted areas, like fields, with sea and sky between.

Tiles overlaid, showing human influence, or as abstract clouds.

(Clockwise from top left: front detail, cyanotype overlay in progress, finished front, finished rear.) 140 cm x 40 cm, SOLD.

Image Image Image

Interpretation #2


Two layers of habotai silk and a heavier layer of merino wool change the form to a more overtly sensuous design.

Felted areas are more uniform, but the tiles maintain the abstract overall design. Felt 'mossy mounds' add to the structural elements.

A shimmering, more water-filled interpretation.

(Clockwise from top left: mossy mounds, front and rear details, full scarf.) 160 cm x 18 cm, SOLD.

Image Image

Interpretation #3


A return to silk chiffon, and an exploration of the smaller field shapes.

A focus on the linkage of all elements, our place in this environment. 

Delicate placing of tile overlays creates new spaces and interest on both sides of the scarf. The play of silk, wool and cyanotype reflecting the design intent of linking sky, fields and tiles.

(Clockwise from top left: front detail, rear details, front detail.) 160 cm x 40 cm, SOLD.

Image Image

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