Inspiration #1 - The Humber Estuary

The dominant force, its languid self-confidence both humbling and inspiring.

We relish the sense of space, most of all.  The big sky, the broad, turbid waters, the swooping of the bridge like a swallow skimming the surface. 

Scale is lost, trusting us to combine vast landscape and specific detail in novel compositions. 

humber bridge

Clouds, soft and inconstant against the stolid stanchions.

Light on the water, wiggling with the wind.

A shoreline full of movement, its tiny tributaries tunnelled by the tide.

And, most of all, the idea of the place. That it is here is enough, and we are fortunate to work with it. 

Inspiration #2 - The Garden Sanctuary

An extension of Vivienne's studio, even longer and wilder than one imagines it really is.

Like the river, in some ways, it is yet to be tamed by the hand of man, leaving nature to show us how the space wishes to be.

A place to lose thoughts and gain ideas, it harbours memories of many years spent by the Humber.

It could be the trees, and their excess of ivy, thriving in the Humberside environment.

It could be the old Anderson shelter, the ruins of a sty or a greenhouse, with their memories of what once was.

It could be the piles of decaying tiles, raised from the earth to give shelter for decades, now returning to the earth.

But it's how this place makes us feel. Comfortable, at ease. Childishly exploring the changing paths, discovering unexpected surprises.

While our hands work in the studio, our hearts wander out here.


INspiration #3 - The Journey

A 40 mile gap between us, which we have bridged many times to pursue our work together.

It is a pause from external distractions, a catching of the breath, and an opportunity to focus on the work to be done.

Each trip is filled with its own anticipations, familiarities and novelties.

Every journey crosses the Humber, joining two separate artists in a renewal of shared commitment.

Accompanied by music, or by Radio 4, the road drives away inconsequential thoughts.

Our destination approaches, and our focus sharpens each time we near it. We think of working together, the joy of it, the thrill of sharing creativity with a like minded soul, and the miles fly past.

New ideas are conceived on these journeys. Difficulties are overcome, solutions worked out, designs clarify themselves. 

And always, the constant of the bridge, over the inconstant river, bringing us together and helping us home again.

Until next time!


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