‘Island’ Square Scarf 1/25


Unique habotai silk, merino wool and cyanotype printed square.

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This unique scarf is #1 (of 25) in the Edition for ‘Island’.  This is a habotai silk square, felted with merino wool, with a cyanotype (cameraless photograph) image overlaid. It is approx. 51 x 51 cm.

This Edition is inspired by the relationship of land and water around the Humber estuary.  It is a delicate balance, and at times of tidal surges or flood tides the water threatens the identity of the land.  The scarf design plays on this balance.

The cyanotype detailing on this scarf is reminiscent of the Humber light on the water.  The scarf has a unique mottling from a serendipitous, brief rain shower during exposure by the Humber, which adds another unique quality to the watery visual effect.  Distinct images result on either side of the scarf due to the photographic process used, increasing the versatility and visual interest.

The habotai silk is extremely fine, with a beautiful glossy finish. The scarf wears beautifully, with the felted areas contributing weight, texture and warmth. For use as a ‘kerchief, headscarf, or extravagant pocket square!