‘Sky Fields Tiles’ Scarf 2/25


Unique chiffon silk, merino wool and cyanotype printed scarf.

Please see below for a full description.

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This unique scarf is #2 (of 25) in the Edition for ‘Sky Fields Tiles’.  This is a chiffon silk scarf, felted with merino wool, with a cyanotype (cameraless photograph) image overlaid. It is approximately 130 x 30 cm.

As with all our scarves, it comes with its own unique cyanotype art-print wrapping! This is shown in the product gallery images.

This Edition is inspired by the relationship of landscape and people around the Humber Estuary.  A full explanation of the development of this Edition, and how we make 25 interpretations of the basic inspiration, can be found here.

The cyanotype detailing on this scarf is crisp and sharp-edged. The original nail-holes in the slate tiles used as templates add a contrasting circular motif. The reverse side extends the visual play of white / blue shapes, in this interpretation a longitudinal sense of flow is seen on both sides of the scarf.

The colour is a mix of deep blue chiffon, fantastic slate blue-grey merino ‘fields’ and the cloud-textured white of the ’tiles’. As with other interpretations within this edition, the tiles could be clouds, the sky could be water, the fields floodlands… a kind of dreamscape.

The chiffon silk is wonderfully textured due to the generous merino used in the felting stage, yet the scarf remains lightweight, translucent, and is an extremely flexible, luxurious addition to your wardrobe.

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