‘Tidal Sky’ Scarf 1/25


Unique chiffon silk, merino wool and cyanotype printed full-length scarf.

Please see below for a full description.

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This unique scarf is #1 (of 25) in the Edition for ‘Tidal Sky’.  This is a chiffon silk scarf, felted with merino wool, with a cyanotype (cameraless photograph) image overlaid. It is approximately 125 x 35 cm.

This Edition is inspired by the lazy reflection of shape and movement between summer clouds and the languid River Humber. The clouds could be wave tops, or current swirls. Similarly, disturbances in the flow of water are reminiscent of clouds. This Edition attempts to capture that duality.

The cyanotype detailing on this scarf is subtle, gentle, and reminiscent of the how water moves around buoys in the streams, and how light is caught by eddies in the water.

The scarf has a beautiful colour, almost not-blue, verging on a deep sea green. Chiffon silk enhances the gentle feel of the scarf and image, and give a wonderful texture where it overlays the merino wool. Subtle changes in the colour run through the piece, which add to the sense of movement.

The chiffon silk is extremely fine, with a beautiful gossamer transparency. The lightness of material means this scarf hangs fabulously. It could be casually worn, tied with a linen shirt, or draped over formalwear. But something this luxurious should be worn everyday!

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